There is a building in Supilinn at Tähtvere 48, what makes contradictory feelings in people. Some think, that the house is ugly and doesn't suit Supilinn. Some think, that the house is cool. What makes the situation especially exciting, is the fact, that construction works last for more than ten years. The house with scaffolding has become a symbol of Supilinn. Locals got used to it. And unexpectedly...

Year 2006.

Year 2017.

Year 2018.


Now we can see the details clearly. For example, there are a bench and a table in the wall.

Also a ring. Obviously for a dog or a horse.

The dogs protect the house.

From some point of view it might seem, that the house is ready.

But no, still under construction.

Also from the back.

We wish good luck to Tähtvere 48 people in their construction works. Some more years and the house will get ready!

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