The park is located between Tähe, Päeva and Pargi streets. Debates over the future of the park lasted for several years because many locals didn't agree with building in the park. The debates even reached the court. But in 2016 it became obvious, that the win belongs to the developer. An architectural competition happened in 2017, AT Arhitektuur OÜ won it.

It is allowed to build ten houses with totally 76 flats. The houses will have mostly three floors. There will be also a parking floor for the cars. The architects tried to take to consideration the neighborhood and according to them the building will be very much in Karlova style.

The developer also allowed to organize a small 2300 square meter park for everyone. It will contain a playground, benches, and light. Also a place for events is planned.
Pictures of the beginning of the construction can be found here.