Vaksali street was reconstructed in 2017. A square in front of the railway station is completely different, new benches, parking lots, bike roads etc were added. Let's check out the result.

We will start with the crossroad of Vaksali and Riia streets.

At first it must be mentioned, that the crossroad will change soon. There will be a new pedestrians bridge build over the Riia street, connecting Vaksali to recently built railway bike road.

The tunnels for pedestrians and bikes will be constructed under the railway. More information can be found here.

During the reconstruction the both sides of Vaksali street got the bike roads.

The road is simply marked to the roadway, there is no physical separation.

Unfortunately this is not the best choice. Just marking it on the roadway is not enough.

Correctly built bike road must be physically separated from the pedestrians way and roadway. Like it is done for example at Ülenurme street:

Vaksali street has got several parking lots for the cars.

And for the bikes.

All bikes' parking lots are under roof, this is good.

Some have the locks' system.

There are some benches.

There are also already familiar bike pumps with the instruments. And differently from Annelinn and Raudtee street bike roads, some are still there.

Also a new bike road connecting Näituse street with the railway platform was built.

Some strange solutions were used for bike roads. Here the bike road is at first at the roadway, then for 50 meters at pedestrians way and later again at the roadway:

Another strange solution

There is a roadway in the middle, next to it is the bike road, next to it there is a zone covered with stones with no functions at the higher level, next to it is one more bike road connected with the pedestrians way.

Here the bike road is between the roadway and the parking lot.

And something very positive by the end.

This is of course the square in front of the railway station, that has changed completely.

It is hard to say something bad about it.

Different materials are used.

Different plants are growing.

The crossings are on the level of the pedestrians' way.

The pedestrians ways are higher than the grass – everything is correct.

Of course it must be mentioned, that such rich greening needs more attention. Let's hope, that it will live longer than one season. And it will not go the same way what Roosi street did, where interesting greening two years later looks like that:

That was Vaksali street with its successful and less successful solutions. Do you like it? Leave your comment to our facebook page.

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