Reconstruction of Pirogov square has ended and a fancy toilet was installed there as the final point. A Swedish company DANFO AB won the public procurement. The toilet with installation costed 124 000 €.

Let's have a look how does it look like and compare it to a toilet located in the park of ministry of education.

This one became famous because it was made by a company, connected to former Tartu city official Kajar Lember. Construction of this WC costed 10 000 €.

And let's also take one foreign WC to our comparison. Paris public toilet, know as Sanisette.

There are more than 400 of them in Paris. Rent of one costs 1200 € per month to the city. Easy calculation tells, that 10 years of Sanisette rent costs more or less the same, as construction of Pirogov square toilet.

All three WC-s are free. Pirogov square one is for two persons, the rest are for one person.

There is a drinking water faucet at the Paris WC. The rest two toilets don't have it.

Pirogov square WC and Sanisette are self-cleaning. No information about the toilet near the ministry.

There is an instruction in different languages at the Paris toilet. There is also a scale, showing whether the toilet is ready to use.

Pirogov square WC is ready to use when the door handle is green.

There are lights at the ministry park toilet showing whether it's free.

Inside all three are similar – a toilet, a sink, water, air.


The ministry.


There is also a brush at Pirogov. What for if it is self-cleaning?

Sanisette is suitable for wheelchairs. The WC at Pirogov square also. It seems even more comfortable.

The toilet in the ministry park definitely isn't suitable to wheelchairs.

Pirogov (there is a changing table).

The ministry of education.


Sanisette's door opens and closes at button push. Maximum time of usage is 20 minutes and after that the door opens automatically (surprise!). There is no such thing in Estonian toilets.

There is grass growing at the roof of Pirogov square toilet. Looks very nice.

Which WC is the best? Fancy and expensive (124 000 €) at Pirogov square or easy and cheap (10 000 €) in the ministry park? Or it would be better to rent it (Paris Sanisette 1200 € per month)? Write your opinion at our Facebook page.