10 years passed in 2017 since iron bridge was demolished. It wasn't in use for long. The bridge was built in 1993 for pedestrians only because of the lack of resources. The bridge was entirely black and made of iron. Many people knew, that if several people start jumping on the bridge at the same time, the bridge will start to vibrate, what will make other pedestrians nervous.

Because of the traffic jam it was decided to build a car bridge instead of the iron bridge. The main argument for that was believe, that it will be relatively cheap. But during the design process it was discovered, that the new bridge will cost much more. Final price was 161 million kroons (around 10 million euros).

The iron bridge was demolished in 2007 and stored in Suppilinn near the river. At first it was planned to install it between Marja and Lubja streets. But nor this, nor other recycling plans were released. It was 2014 when the iron bridge was sold as old metal.

The Freedom bridge was built in 2009. It didn't become popular among drivers and didn't solve the traffic jam problem entirely. But the surroundings became more pleasant. The bridge became popular among street painters, who covered it with graffity.

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